Shipping Policy

General shipping information


                                       1.0 General information

                                       The shipping info page explains our delivery policy and may include the following information:

                                       - what items are allowed for shipments

                                       - to what regions deliver our goods

                                       - terms of delivery

                                       - estimated shipping

                                       - how to handle returns 

                                       Our products and services are in digital, dropship and physical form.

                                       Different delivery rules are defined for each form.

                                       Note: each item contains a detailed description, and if you have any questions, pls. "Contact" us.

                                       Remark: delivery is not possible for countries under "Sanctions"!


                                       2.0 Product and services

                                       2.1 Digital form

                                       Products and services are e-mailed in pdf and jpg format.

                                       Parity: - tax is 0% 

                                                   - delivery is within five working day of receipt of the order 

                                                   - shipping is free shipping

                                       If needed in physical form, which is additionally charged.

                                       Remark: no returns, no exchanges, no refunds.

                                       If you are not satisfied yet, we will find a compromise and "Contact" us.

                                       2.2 Dropship form

                                       A dropshipping is a type of business where selling products to customers, but the

                                       manufacturer or third person carries the inventory and ships the products on our behalf.

                                       More about please look "Dropshipping" or "Contact" us.

                                       2.3 Physical form

                                       Products and services are on our storehouse.  

                                       Preparation for delivery is up to 10 working days (optimal about 5 days).

                                       Note: eventually, if our team is in the field (installation), the deadline can be extended up to 30 days. 

                                       Tax: two tax rates, 0% and the tax rate of the country of delivery.

                                       Delivery is standard and expedited edition via EMS or UPS.

                                       The shipping cost and delivery time are defined by the carrier (the lower the pictures below).

                                       There is a possibility and free shipping, depending on the amount of goods and where it is send.

                                       Each shipment is packed and delivered with all the rules of the profession.

                                       Also, each consignment contains a tracking number so that track movements can be tracked.

                                       "Incoterms 2020" is applied. The most common incoterms clause we use is CIP.

                                       Note: each item contains a detailed description, and if you have any questions, pls. "Contact" us.   

                                       Make sure to include: the article name and product code!

                                       Some products for certain zones are not available, as stated in the product description!

                                       Remark: eventual export customs clearance is not charged up to =1.000,oo EUR worth of goods                                                                                                 (counter value in USD). 


                                       3.0 Control

                                       You can control the delivery price yourself.

                                       You can also monitor the status of your shipment here.
                                       Let's say from Croatia to you:


                                       You can also look at the standard box dimensions:



                                  4.0 Payment

                                       The payment info page should cover all possible questions about payment methods in our store:



                                       And if you have any questions, pls. "Contact" us.







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                                                                                                      HPekspres Preising_hr



                                                                         HPekspres Standard box dimensions with preising_hr



EMS -  delivery deadlines_hr



HPekspres Standard box gallery

HP_prohibition of the carriage of dangerous goods by air

D&B Country Risk Map

Legend: green-low risk, yellow-moderate risk, red-high risk, grey-not rated