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Mechatronic systems


After many years of work experience and professional knowledge, with satisfied customers, we have remained among the few who are dealing with the upgrading of the Sulzer.Стб, KBE and SBR system.

That our professional team and partners will provide you with a service from which you will be satisfied.


"Order without risk with the possibility of compromise!"



                                               Eko-mont Agency Group JSC.


Left box


Right box

Project SBR_2

Project Kartonaza

Project Стб



Left box in work

Project SBR

Project Ivancica

Project SBR_3

Project Стб_2

Project Стб_3

Project KBE



Project SBR_4

Project Sulzer

Project SBR_6

Project Стб_4



Project TTS

Project SBR_5

Project SBR_7