Frequently Asked Questions


Q: which means the tag * along with the product name?

A: indicates a pack says of 10 pieces or set.

Q: which means the tag ** along with the product name?

A: indicates product by order.

Q: can I order a product by order?

A: yes, just contact us.

Q: how much time is waiting for the product by order?

A: depending on the complexity, says 30 to 120 days.

Q: I am a new customer, can I order a product without this website?

A: no, that's only true for older and verified customers.

Q: what if I'm not happy with the digital product?

A: with a compromise, you get a discount on next purchase or see our policy.

Q: where I can find a policy? 

A: at the bottom of the page under the drop-down menu information.

Q: can you get a look at what other pages of digital product, before order?

A: yes, but with a watermark, says one, two or three pages.

Q: can a test sample be obtained when ordering a physical or dropship product?

A: there is a possibility, but not for all products that are displayed.

Q: ordering multiple different products, can I get a unique one offer?

A: yes, and this one offer (product) will be visible as "Offer-your username".

Q: can there be a discount?

A: yes, but at the next order.

Q: how to use the discount code?

A: contact us and your product will show "Discount-your username".

Q: how many products can use the discount code?

A: to just one.

Q: I'm a student, can I get a discount for a digital product?

A: yes, you get a 90% discount on your study document.

Q: cost of delivery seems expensive?

A: no problem, please contact us and we will chech it delivery system.

Q: can I check the shipping cost myself?

A: yes, in the menu information, under the shipping policy under item no.3 control.  

Q: what if I'm not happy with the physical or dropship product?

A: you need to contact us and explain the specific reason.

Q: physical or dropship shipment late?

A: it all depends on the working day, destination country ... (see from tracking no.).

Q: I need a product and I do not have enough money?

A: you can contact us to try to solve the loan.

Q: what a loan it is?

A: in essence it is factoring, with minimal processing costs.

Q: in progress ...


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