$10 USD

Equipment_leno selvedge motion Cincla

Item: leno selvedge motion 380 mm
Product code: 340-004-001 (674.00.380.L1)
Purpose: weaving machine
Producer: Manifattura Cincla (Italy)
Material: define producer
Year of production:
Neto weight: 0,035 kg/pcs
Preis: 10,oo USD/pcs
Min.order: 1 pcs
Available: 1 pcs
Packaging: 1 pcs
Delivery: EMS Croatia
Preparation for delivery: 5 working days
Customs tariff code: 8448.39.00
Gross weight: approx 0,10 kg
Gross packaging:
Total Preis: =10,oo USD + delivery
Parity: dropshipping from Croatia
Remark: look at our Policy and FAQ info
Info: for more info, please "contact" us
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